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Computer Repair

Got too many Virus's?
We can troubleshoot almost any problem!

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Tired of your PC being slow? We can upgrade your PC to your satisfaction!

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Custom Computers

Ready for a NEW Custom Gaming PC of your very own?
Pick your Dream Computer.

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Custom Gaming Computers

TC Computer-Tech has built 100's of Custom Gaming Computers for many clients across the USA and have many reviews for those computers on our Reviews pages at 5-stars!
We don't just build them, we take initiative to allow you to fully understand your new custom computer. Taking pride in every build we do. Usually, there will be an entire build log on this PC and choose your own personalized theme. Many PC's have been themed to characters, shows, or idols. We offer the best price, and best hardware for these builds compared to prebuilds or custom builds you may find somewhere else. We also offer 30-day guarantee on your new PC so you know the quality and capabilities of your new machine.

Please check out all of our builds on our Facebook photo albums.

Long-Term Business

TC Computer-Tech is one of many computer repair companies.
None of the less can't be compared to any other major companies such as:
• GeekSquad
• MicroCenter
• Local PC shops

This is because TC Computer-Tech is focused on your satisfaction & loyalty as well as our profession. There is never no wait in line, no extra charges that are beyond reason, and most of all no worries! We can solve almost any computer error, from software to hardware. Since 2009 we have repaired 1,000's of computers just in the Dayton, Ohio area.

Management Team

"Since Age 12 Computer Technology has been a passion for me. I've always just simply loved working with computer's or anything technological."

"At age 18 I decided to create my own Computer Repair company after already having far too many people in need of repairs. So, I then dedicated much more time into learning ANYTHING I could about computers, and their problematic hardware failures. After my 1st custom personal mod, I moved on to building at this point in time over 100 custom built PC's."
-Trevor Colville

Everyone matters at TC Computer-Tech!
Our lead tech's have helped bring an easier way to do business, critique, and give better suggestions to make us better. This is our staff techs.

Michelle Carpenter
(Tech Finance)
Daniel Colville
(Tech Specialist)
Phil Miller
(Tech Engineer)

Our Hours:

24 Hour Phone Tech Support

Monday - Friday: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm

Saturday: 10:00 am - Noon

Night Drop Available

Why Choose Us?

  • Top Quality Hardware
  • Half The Price of GeekSquad
  • Answer Any Question You Have
  • No Obligations
  • No Email Harassment; Spam
  • No Phone Harassment
  • Help When Needed
  • 100% Satisfied Clients
  • Complete Personal Custom Mods
  • Cheap Parts for Sale
  • Many Years of Business
  • 5-Star Reviews
  • No Problem Unsolved
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Free Support
  • Best Choice Personal Tech