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Need an upgrade?
A slow computer can be fixed! Upgrading your hardware is the best thing you can do to keep up to date.


One big upgrade for a computer is memory aka RAM (Random Access Memory).
If you are loaded in an OS (Operating System), it stores running programs and data for the programs on the physical stick of memory. When you turn your PC off, the memory is cleared.
There are several types of memory such as DDR3 and DDR4 being the most commonly used.
Windows 10 uses 2GB+ on desktop and recommended no less than 4GB for any modern system.
Frequency's also matter to your memory's speed. [Example: DDR4 (4x8GB) 32GB 3200MHz]
Memory upgrades noticeably allow multiple applications to run faster on a PC or MAC.


Another big upgrade that we recommend is an SSD (Solid State Drive).
There are several types of SSD's available such as SATA, NVMe M.2, and PCIe SSD's.
SATA SSD's are about 5X faster than your standard HDD (Hard Disc Drive).
M.2 and PCIe SSD's are even faster than SATA drives by using NVMe interface on your motherboard.
There are no moving parts in SSD's, no vibration, or additional heat in your system.
It is also crucial to have enough storage space for your media such as pictures, videos, documents, and programs. If you are running out of space, it sounds like it's time to upgrade!


If you are a hardcore gamer or just the moderate person trying to do some video editing
and just goes very slow rendering, upgrade your graphics accelerator to save the day!
Graphics cards are usually a costly upgrade, but going all out on your graphics card will make your PC future-proof. Upgrading your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) will also expand your ranges to
multi-monitors, higher resolutions, and more FPS (Frames Per Second) in games running 4K.


This may be the cheapest but most effective upgrade for your PC. Usually, your CPU (Central Processing Unit) or brain of your computer only has a stock fan from the manufacturer. Typically, these simple fans only cool your CPU so much. If the CPU reaches higher temperatures, it's performance falls. The cooler your Processor is, the better and longer your PC operates.
We recommend several fixes for the overheating problems computer's encounter everyday.
First, is adding/modify more fans to your PC. Second, applying new thermal paste..
If you really want to make sure your system is effectively cooled for high performance gaming,
we would recommend upgrading to an AIO (All-In-One) Liquid Cooler.
We also offer Custom Liquid Cooling Loops and upgrades to your current LC system.
Liquid cooling is recommended for higher tier CPU's.


This is not always easy to do for some people. Some have only heard of the newest Windows or Apple OS (Operating System). It is important to stay up to date with your OS because some newer software is only compatable with updated Windows versions. It is also helpful to understand how newer OS's work. Many jobs require the knowledge of Windows 10 and the Software you use.

"Sometimes, these upgrades may not be possible and it's just time for a whole new computer!"


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